Yogurt Benefits

Yogurt is is one of antioxidant foods, it contains many benefits & nutrients your body needs. In addition to good digestion, yogurt is also a product that has soothing and beautifying effects on the skin. Therefore, the yogurt should be included in the daily menu, as a main meal or snack.

Yogurt should be consumed one or two times a day. It can be consumed as breakfast or as a snack. Yogurt is safe to eat for everyone, including people with ulcers or lactose intolerance. Yogurt also contains a number of nutrients and high fiber.

Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is what makes ulcer patients (of origin rather than acute gastritis), safe to consume yogurt because it is not harmful to the stomach. Yogurt can substitute milk for those who experience lactose intolerance. This means that yogurt can substitute for milk intake. For those who do not like fruits and vegetables, fiber intake can be replaced with yogurt is high in fiber.

Why does the body need yogurt?
Yogurt contains high protein. Other important nutrients for the body also found in yogurt, namely carbohydrates, calories, fat, calcium, and vitamins. Yogurt does not contain vitamin C, but the rich content of vitamins B6 and B12.

With a variety of nutrients, the yogurt is not only healthful impact on digestion and skin health. Yogurt, if consumed 400 milligrams per day, can help increase the intake of nutrients the body needs every day. If you feel not used to eat yogurt every day, at least you should try to eat three times a week routine.

Vitamins are contained in yogurt are also important for healthy skin, which helps collagen activation better, is what makes yogurt can beautify the skin, including facial skin

How to make facial masks

Make your own facial masks is one of the best solution to save your money as well as treating facial skin stays healthy, clean, and radiant. One of face mask you can make yourself is olive-lemon mask.

Olive oil can help to give moisture on skin, while the lemon makes the skin looks brighter and radiant. Olive oil is rich in C, D, and E vitamins, antioxidants, and iron, which is useful to regenerate the skin and retain moisture. A combination of lemon and olive oil can help reduce wrinkles and imperfections on the skin. You can add oatmeal to overcome the problem of dull skin. Eggs whites help tighten the facial skin. How to make facial masks is very easy, here's the recipe of your homemade facial mask:

1 tablespoon olive oil
a few drops of lemon juice
1 / 2 cup cooked instant oatmeal (cool)
1 egg white

How to made:
  • Combine olive oil, lemon juice, oatmeal, and egg whites until blended.
  • Apply evenly on face and neck.
    Leave on for 15-30 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Apply a moisturizer according to the conditions of your face as usual

How to Clear Blackheads

Blackheads are small, but if the excess amount will certainly be annoying. Plus, blackheads stimulate the growth of acne. Well, it’s not fun at all! The blackheads appear because of dirt and oil. In addition, dead skin and bacteria also stimulate the growth of blackheads. But do not be afraid. There are easy ways how to remove blackheads from your face.
  • Use oil-free cosmetics and water-based. It makes the skin will not be clogged by dirt and bacteria.
  • Clean your face twice a day. But do not wash face excessively. If you wash your face too often, the skin's natural moisture can be lost.
  • Stop squeezing the nose!  It will make the skin become inflamed and eventually infected.
  • You can create anti blackheads mask using a mixture of egg white and honey. Paste the mixture with cotton on the T area, especially the nose. Allow it to dry, and then rinse with warm water. This mask will lift blackheads naturally.
  • Use soap that contains granular scrubs. If possible, evaporate your face at few moments. The pores will expand and make the blackheads easier to off when cleaned with soap. After cleansing, use a toner which is useful to close the pores. Do this treatment twice a week.
  • Facial or peels can help to clear blackheads. Do this at least once a month.

Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer

In addition to early diagnosis, one of the best approaches in the fight against cancer is prevention. In cases of colon cancer (colon), the evidence shows was largely because food factors.  Whatever your age, it's never too late to do anything that might prevent the occurrence of cancer. Here are some factors that cause colon cancer that we can still control:

  • Contact with certain chemical substances such as heavy metals, toxin and electromagnetic waves
  • Bad eating habits, people that consumes too much red meat and consuming less vegetable & fruit has a greater risk to get a colon cancer
  • Saturated fat. Those who like to consume high-fat have a greater risk of colon cancer. Every day your body requires only 30% of calories derived from fat.
  • Alcoholic beverages. The intestine can alter alcohol into asetilaldehida which increases the risk of colon cancer
  • Overweight, Research shows overweight (obesity) is a risk factor for prostate cancer, colon, rectum, and breast cancer.
  • Working while sitting all day, do a simple exercise while working was much better than sitting all day in front of our computer
  • Less physical activity, walking up the stairs is better than too often use elevator
  • Smoking, there was no direct relationship between smoking and colon cancer. However, smokers have a risk ranging from 1.5 to 3 times more likely to get colon cancer.

Get slim fast with positive energy

Science proves positive energy psychology can make us managed to achieve all goals, including weight loss. Yes, positive energy can make a diet program we arrive at the destination faster. Do not believe?

When talking about positive energy, we would describe it as a set of the brain to always think positive about everything that happens to us. Is this an easy thing or just highly unlikely? Precisely here lies the challenge.

In fact, positive energy works similar to a diet program. Both train you to follow the desires of the body. When we managed to sort out which ones can encourage us to stay focused on achieving the ideals, then we have had positive energy.

The same also apply on a diet program. When we believe in the ability of self-defeating excessive appetite, then the 'energy' diet program is actually our positive energy. And this time, Prevention will take us all on a diet of positive energy every day by doing the following trick:

Monday: Please fix our mind maps.
For many people, the diet is torture when it is one way we can be more grateful for the body which is given to us. By losing weight, we have saved ourselves from a variety of chronic diseases. This means that we have much time to enjoy happy moments with loved ones.

As the weight began to decrease, we do not have to feel the breath of breath every time you walk. Is this the so-called torture? So start focusing on who can we enjoy the benefits of the program to manage your diet and exercise regularly. Imagine the happiness we've waited long enough. Now is the right time to approach happiness.

Tuesday: Put yourself in the top position on the priority list.
How often we neglect ourselves for being too busy working for the company? Have to mind when we ignore the health of yourself, then maybe there are times where the body exhausted and unable to do anything? Try to make time for ourselves. Is that for the formation of our mental or physical? And the only way the establishment was running optimally is to make ourselves a top priority.

Consequently, we must dare to resist fatty foods at a party. Or force yourself to work through the night just to make the boss happy. The body needs a rest. And give this right exclusively for ourselves; do not always meet the demands of our surroundings.

Wednesday: Make a list activity that can make us happy.
Whenever possible, make a list of easy to do and nothing to do with food. For example, reading books, listening to music, learn a new musical instrument, or learn a new language. The aim is to divert 'solitude' we are always surrounded by food into pampering time. Another bonus, this way will make us have run a positive every time we face a problem.

Thursday: Time to perform self-care.
Least once a week we are giving rewards to yourself. Yup, circle the dates appropriate to provide relaxation to the mind and body muscles. The choice is varied, can go to the gym, spa, or cream bath. This is better than sitting in front of the television with a variety of snacks to chew high sodium and fat.

Friday: Enjoy our favorite foods.
Actually there was no food 'forbidden' because the food is a habit not a moral issue. That is, when we should eat that springs to mind is delicious. But the word does not mean delicious to eat with moderation. Because, God has creates the perfect mechanism for us to understand the word sufficient in every food that enters the body. So do not force the body to work outside the system.

Saturday: Sports that should be fun!
That is why stop linking sport with sweat streaming down and panting breath. Choose the sport that we like, ranging from walking on the beach, jogging while listening to our favorite music, to swim. For pleasure increases, occasionally take a friend to exercise together. And create a variation sport every two weeks, so we always find new challenges.

Sunday: Time to talk with yourself.
Trying to do evaluations, what we managed to do according to plan and what missed. Watch the factors supporting and inhibiting. If you find that we achieve more success point, congratulate yourself. But if otherwise, Encourage yourself to do the best for ourselves.

Actually, what we do during this week is the management of the mind. We make ourselves more rational in acting, and a rational mind would construct a consistent behavior with what we think. So, let the positive energy and shrink it over to our weight

How to control appetite | ways to control appetite

Doctor Mehmet Oz, in his journal, entitled You: On A Diet Basic, share the secrets of this unique diet tips How to control your appetite

1. Select the blue color
Without you knowing it, color it can affect the appetite. Soft and warm colors, like yellow, green, pink, purple, and orange, it could make you eat more. No need to wonder if the colors are often found on food packaging or decoration of the restaurant you visit. To work around this, you can use blue as the neutralizer. Blue can reduce the desire to eat up to 30 percent, so you can control your appetite.

2. Use bright light
It's fun for a coffee and eat a meal in a restaurant with the lights of gold nuances. In addition to shade, the lighting is able to cause a sense of calm and romantic effect. Oops, be careful, it tends to dim dim atmosphere can increase appetite. Whenever possible, choose a room with bright lighting if you want a big meal.

3. Avoid colored transparent tableware
One vote could affect food containers turned out bad for the diet. Places to eat or transparent plate could actually make the food look more tempting and makes it very difficult full. A study in the International Journal of Obesity in the United States revealed that 71 percent of women will eat more if you use a transparent container.

4. Savour the fruits
Research from The Smell and Taste Foundation in Chicago said, the smell of the fruit can reduce the desire to eat a lot. If there is no fruit, sipping orange fragrance can be the right solution. Besides being easily obtained, orange-scented air freshener can you put on your desk or car.

5. Laughter and happy
Went to lunch with coworkers were able to make you not too eager to eat. Communication between you and your colleagues can eliminate a few percent of the desire to eat a lot. The presence of others can shift your focus toward food that will be easy to control your appetite.

Job interview tips | 10 Job Interview Mistakes

Call for a job interview has been waiting for has arrived. Naturally when you are so excited to confront. Be careful, do not let your spirit even ruin that opportunity. For example, by giving answers that are less wise. What are the things that can make the "market" you descend in the eyes of the interviewer? 

1. You say, "This is my dream job." Even if you meant it to say, 70 percent of the interviewers will not be too interested. Because they have heard the same thing from other applicants. It would be better if you think the answer is "out of the box", or say that you are a good team player. After that, explain why you're good at it.

2. You bad-mouth your old boss. Although you look smart in the interview, it is better not consider weak or bad-mouth a former employer because he considered unfavorable leadership. You will be judged not respect the boss.

3. Asking generous, but not yet accepted. You may just have a hope of vacation allotment. But do not talk about at the beginning of the interview, especially the first interview. You also do not need to bring about a long vacation you've always done with the family every year. Because the interviewer wanted to hear for what contributions would you make to the company upon receipt later.

4. Drinking mineral water or coffee? But avoid caffeine beverages before the interview, because it could create bad breath. In addition, the effect of caffeine could be damaging concentration of the interview, it makes you faster thirsty, and wanted to urinate on.

5. Your dress is very sexy and challenging. Hmm... You're not coming to the fashion show, right? Do not dress up too much that makes your appearance is considered more important than your brain. Clothes should not use the details that are too crowded.

6. Talking about salary too early. All interviewers know, if you changed jobs to seek better income. But do not ever ask about salary if they do not start, including for salary negotiation. These things will be revealed in due course.

7. Too familiar. It creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the interviewer is very important to establish good communication. But do not be too excessive. For example, making jokes that make them feel you've got a strange personality.

8. Wearing jeans. Although the office who would you go to have very lax rules about dress, does not mean you are free to use the jeans during an interview. Use only black trousers with a chic jacket.

9. Do not turn off the phone. You do not want to interfere with incoming calls when you're in the middle of the interview, right? It was not only considered rude, you also will be considered not serious.

10. Come too late. No doubt in the mind of the interviewer, you are not a discipline, did not appreciate the time, could not take into account the time

By the way there was a great Ebook that show you tips and job interview questions & answers, with the title "Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers"  This ebook could be your preference to choose the right answer on your job interview . Last but not least Good luck with your interview ;)

Ways to get rid of cellulite

Still struggling to get rid of cellulite ? If cellulite treatment products you buy are not also bearing fruit, try a more natural way. Coffee, for example, it also can function as a scrub for your body parts are seized with cellulite. Here are various tricks for health care for the other foot in a natural way:

* Pour a few tablespoons of ground coffee grounds onto a damp sponge, then with a wide circular motion massage your thighs and feet to eliminate cellulite, said Janey Lee Grace, author of Look Great Naturally.

"Then, rub in the direction up and down your legs," said celebrity beauty therapist, Janet Ginnings. "My mother taught me to do this way to break up and disperse excess water."

* Once a week, use a salt scrub (a mixture of olive oil and sea salt) to prevent skin calluses and cracked heels. Then, rub a thick skin with such material to become soft.

* Let your legs stretch and breathe with walking barefoot around the house as long as possible, according to expert advice podiatry, Michael O'Neill. If you experience any problems in the feet, wear a pair of shoes for running. Flip-flops or sandals other homes are practical, but actually does not provide good support for the foot.

* Not resistant bath with cold water? Too bad. According to Dr Ian Drysdale, head of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, bathe with cold water every day either to tighten skin and boost the immune system.

"Make yourself comfortable with a blast of cold water for 30 seconds for each part of the body after a ritual bath is completed," said Drysdale, who for 55 years was always a cold shower.