Ways to get rid of cellulite

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Still struggling to get rid of cellulite ? If cellulite treatment products you buy are not also bearing fruit, try a more natural way. Coffee, for example, it also can function as a scrub for your body parts are seized with cellulite. Here are various tricks for health care for the other foot in a natural way:

* Pour a few tablespoons of ground coffee grounds onto a damp sponge, then with a wide circular motion massage your thighs and feet to eliminate cellulite, said Janey Lee Grace, author of Look Great Naturally.

"Then, rub in the direction up and down your legs," said celebrity beauty therapist, Janet Ginnings. "My mother taught me to do this way to break up and disperse excess water."

* Once a week, use a salt scrub (a mixture of olive oil and sea salt) to prevent skin calluses and cracked heels. Then, rub a thick skin with such material to become soft.

* Let your legs stretch and breathe with walking barefoot around the house as long as possible, according to expert advice podiatry, Michael O'Neill. If you experience any problems in the feet, wear a pair of shoes for running. Flip-flops or sandals other homes are practical, but actually does not provide good support for the foot.

* Not resistant bath with cold water? Too bad. According to Dr Ian Drysdale, head of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, bathe with cold water every day either to tighten skin and boost the immune system.

"Make yourself comfortable with a blast of cold water for 30 seconds for each part of the body after a ritual bath is completed," said Drysdale, who for 55 years was always a cold shower.

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