Get slim fast with positive energy

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Science proves positive energy psychology can make us managed to achieve all goals, including weight loss. Yes, positive energy can make a diet program we arrive at the destination faster. Do not believe?

When talking about positive energy, we would describe it as a set of the brain to always think positive about everything that happens to us. Is this an easy thing or just highly unlikely? Precisely here lies the challenge.

In fact, positive energy works similar to a diet program. Both train you to follow the desires of the body. When we managed to sort out which ones can encourage us to stay focused on achieving the ideals, then we have had positive energy.

The same also apply on a diet program. When we believe in the ability of self-defeating excessive appetite, then the 'energy' diet program is actually our positive energy. And this time, Prevention will take us all on a diet of positive energy every day by doing the following trick:

Monday: Please fix our mind maps.
For many people, the diet is torture when it is one way we can be more grateful for the body which is given to us. By losing weight, we have saved ourselves from a variety of chronic diseases. This means that we have much time to enjoy happy moments with loved ones.

As the weight began to decrease, we do not have to feel the breath of breath every time you walk. Is this the so-called torture? So start focusing on who can we enjoy the benefits of the program to manage your diet and exercise regularly. Imagine the happiness we've waited long enough. Now is the right time to approach happiness.

Tuesday: Put yourself in the top position on the priority list.
How often we neglect ourselves for being too busy working for the company? Have to mind when we ignore the health of yourself, then maybe there are times where the body exhausted and unable to do anything? Try to make time for ourselves. Is that for the formation of our mental or physical? And the only way the establishment was running optimally is to make ourselves a top priority.

Consequently, we must dare to resist fatty foods at a party. Or force yourself to work through the night just to make the boss happy. The body needs a rest. And give this right exclusively for ourselves; do not always meet the demands of our surroundings.

Wednesday: Make a list activity that can make us happy.
Whenever possible, make a list of easy to do and nothing to do with food. For example, reading books, listening to music, learn a new musical instrument, or learn a new language. The aim is to divert 'solitude' we are always surrounded by food into pampering time. Another bonus, this way will make us have run a positive every time we face a problem.

Thursday: Time to perform self-care.
Least once a week we are giving rewards to yourself. Yup, circle the dates appropriate to provide relaxation to the mind and body muscles. The choice is varied, can go to the gym, spa, or cream bath. This is better than sitting in front of the television with a variety of snacks to chew high sodium and fat.

Friday: Enjoy our favorite foods.
Actually there was no food 'forbidden' because the food is a habit not a moral issue. That is, when we should eat that springs to mind is delicious. But the word does not mean delicious to eat with moderation. Because, God has creates the perfect mechanism for us to understand the word sufficient in every food that enters the body. So do not force the body to work outside the system.

Saturday: Sports that should be fun!
That is why stop linking sport with sweat streaming down and panting breath. Choose the sport that we like, ranging from walking on the beach, jogging while listening to our favorite music, to swim. For pleasure increases, occasionally take a friend to exercise together. And create a variation sport every two weeks, so we always find new challenges.

Sunday: Time to talk with yourself.
Trying to do evaluations, what we managed to do according to plan and what missed. Watch the factors supporting and inhibiting. If you find that we achieve more success point, congratulate yourself. But if otherwise, Encourage yourself to do the best for ourselves.

Actually, what we do during this week is the management of the mind. We make ourselves more rational in acting, and a rational mind would construct a consistent behavior with what we think. So, let the positive energy and shrink it over to our weight

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