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Doctor Mehmet Oz, in his journal, entitled You: On A Diet Basic, share the secrets of this unique diet tips How to control your appetite

1. Select the blue color
Without you knowing it, color it can affect the appetite. Soft and warm colors, like yellow, green, pink, purple, and orange, it could make you eat more. No need to wonder if the colors are often found on food packaging or decoration of the restaurant you visit. To work around this, you can use blue as the neutralizer. Blue can reduce the desire to eat up to 30 percent, so you can control your appetite.

2. Use bright light
It's fun for a coffee and eat a meal in a restaurant with the lights of gold nuances. In addition to shade, the lighting is able to cause a sense of calm and romantic effect. Oops, be careful, it tends to dim dim atmosphere can increase appetite. Whenever possible, choose a room with bright lighting if you want a big meal.

3. Avoid colored transparent tableware
One vote could affect food containers turned out bad for the diet. Places to eat or transparent plate could actually make the food look more tempting and makes it very difficult full. A study in the International Journal of Obesity in the United States revealed that 71 percent of women will eat more if you use a transparent container.

4. Savour the fruits
Research from The Smell and Taste Foundation in Chicago said, the smell of the fruit can reduce the desire to eat a lot. If there is no fruit, sipping orange fragrance can be the right solution. Besides being easily obtained, orange-scented air freshener can you put on your desk or car.

5. Laughter and happy
Went to lunch with coworkers were able to make you not too eager to eat. Communication between you and your colleagues can eliminate a few percent of the desire to eat a lot. The presence of others can shift your focus toward food that will be easy to control your appetite.

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