Yogurt Benefits

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Yogurt is is one of antioxidant foods, it contains many benefits & nutrients your body needs. In addition to good digestion, yogurt is also a product that has soothing and beautifying effects on the skin. Therefore, the yogurt should be included in the daily menu, as a main meal or snack.

Yogurt should be consumed one or two times a day. It can be consumed as breakfast or as a snack. Yogurt is safe to eat for everyone, including people with ulcers or lactose intolerance. Yogurt also contains a number of nutrients and high fiber.

Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is what makes ulcer patients (of origin rather than acute gastritis), safe to consume yogurt because it is not harmful to the stomach. Yogurt can substitute milk for those who experience lactose intolerance. This means that yogurt can substitute for milk intake. For those who do not like fruits and vegetables, fiber intake can be replaced with yogurt is high in fiber.

Why does the body need yogurt?
Yogurt contains high protein. Other important nutrients for the body also found in yogurt, namely carbohydrates, calories, fat, calcium, and vitamins. Yogurt does not contain vitamin C, but the rich content of vitamins B6 and B12.

With a variety of nutrients, the yogurt is not only healthful impact on digestion and skin health. Yogurt, if consumed 400 milligrams per day, can help increase the intake of nutrients the body needs every day. If you feel not used to eat yogurt every day, at least you should try to eat three times a week routine.

Vitamins are contained in yogurt are also important for healthy skin, which helps collagen activation better, is what makes yogurt can beautify the skin, including facial skin

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Antropia Luna said...

I have heard many lactose intolerants friends and family members say that they can handle yogurt in place of milk, even though its dairy--the live cultures in yogurt make it more digestible. Good to remember, thanks.

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