Job interview tips | 10 Job Interview Mistakes

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Call for a job interview has been waiting for has arrived. Naturally when you are so excited to confront. Be careful, do not let your spirit even ruin that opportunity. For example, by giving answers that are less wise. What are the things that can make the "market" you descend in the eyes of the interviewer? 

1. You say, "This is my dream job." Even if you meant it to say, 70 percent of the interviewers will not be too interested. Because they have heard the same thing from other applicants. It would be better if you think the answer is "out of the box", or say that you are a good team player. After that, explain why you're good at it.

2. You bad-mouth your old boss. Although you look smart in the interview, it is better not consider weak or bad-mouth a former employer because he considered unfavorable leadership. You will be judged not respect the boss.

3. Asking generous, but not yet accepted. You may just have a hope of vacation allotment. But do not talk about at the beginning of the interview, especially the first interview. You also do not need to bring about a long vacation you've always done with the family every year. Because the interviewer wanted to hear for what contributions would you make to the company upon receipt later.

4. Drinking mineral water or coffee? But avoid caffeine beverages before the interview, because it could create bad breath. In addition, the effect of caffeine could be damaging concentration of the interview, it makes you faster thirsty, and wanted to urinate on.

5. Your dress is very sexy and challenging. Hmm... You're not coming to the fashion show, right? Do not dress up too much that makes your appearance is considered more important than your brain. Clothes should not use the details that are too crowded.

6. Talking about salary too early. All interviewers know, if you changed jobs to seek better income. But do not ever ask about salary if they do not start, including for salary negotiation. These things will be revealed in due course.

7. Too familiar. It creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the interviewer is very important to establish good communication. But do not be too excessive. For example, making jokes that make them feel you've got a strange personality.

8. Wearing jeans. Although the office who would you go to have very lax rules about dress, does not mean you are free to use the jeans during an interview. Use only black trousers with a chic jacket.

9. Do not turn off the phone. You do not want to interfere with incoming calls when you're in the middle of the interview, right? It was not only considered rude, you also will be considered not serious.

10. Come too late. No doubt in the mind of the interviewer, you are not a discipline, did not appreciate the time, could not take into account the time

By the way there was a great Ebook that show you tips and job interview questions & answers, with the title "Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers"  This ebook could be your preference to choose the right answer on your job interview . Last but not least Good luck with your interview ;)

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Shruti said...

It's impossible to job-hunt when employed, since one is busy with that job, with no time for the multiple interviews it seems to take to get a job in the first place. Which means that those of us who are lucky enough to be employed are also stuck with said job, even if we're desperately unhappy and needing to move on to something better, or at least something else. What irony, indeed.... :(

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