Ipad for Stroke Treatment

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iPad is not only entertainment device, but also can enabled to help stroke patients. Professor Gregg Vanderheiden of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S., tried to exploit it.

"Say you have a relative who suffered a stroke, for example, and they can be up and communicating more," said Vanderheiden who is currently Director of the Trace Research and Development Center at the university, as reported by AFP.

According to him, with additional applications that empower the touch screen feature, iPad can be a cheap alternative means of communication for people who have difficulty using verbal language. Such a tool has actually been a lot, but they were very expensive.

"Rather than buy a communication tool for 5000 dollars, you can purchase and download applications and iPad, Voila, they can communicate," he said. The target users who can utilize the iPad not only stroke patients, but also children with autism and patients with neurological disorders.

iPad can be a cheap solution for them because currently the highest price of the product is only 829 dollars and the cheapest one is 499 dollars. For applications, it had been developed and ready to be bought, such as artificial Prologue2Go that developed by AssistiveWare which utilizes a language of symbols as a substitute words. Although paid, at least this device is still cheaper than the standard tools.

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