Paris Hilton, Diet and Sexy Bikini

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Slim body was not enough for Paris Hilton. She wants her body to be fit and sexy with bikini. That's why she is now undergoing in a strict diet and doing a hard exercise.

"I really exercising. I do not eat fast food anymore," She said. "No more McDonald's. I want a good body for the bikini, so I did it," She continued.

Paris Hilton has reason to worry about her body shape. Over the next few months, She will spend most of her time by sunbathing on a luxury yacht.

"I'll be in a cruise ship. What should be held in the summer? A cruise ship. I will go to St. Tropez, Monaco. I will also work, but more relaxing," She told to US Weekly magazine.

Although She has pledged to no longer eat junk food, a years ago it was revealed that she does not like a diet. "I just can not think that I could live 40 days without anything. If I do, maybe I will just stop eating chocolate and McDonald's. I have never tried to quit anything before. I do not like a diet. My weakness is cotton candy and fries, "he added

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