Megan Fox Kicked from Transformer 3

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A rumor that Megan fox was not included in the Transformers III actually became a reality. Paramount Studios decided not to show again this sexy actress in the film.

According to people in the studio, the producer is more interested in finding a new girl for the main star Shia LaBeouf. From the leaked script, Megan position replaced another actress who is reported as a new Shia’s girl friend.

Who is the replacement actress? To this day is not known. Megan ever revealed her discomfort acting under the direction of director Michael Bay, Megan said that Michael equal as Adolf Hitler. "Michael wanted to create a reputation, He is crazy in reputation. He wants to be Hitler, "said Megan.

For beautiful actress who is often referred to as the next Angelina Jolie, working with Michael was a nightmare.

"When he's not being a director, he's so clumsy and desperate. He has no social skills at all. He's so vulnerable and fragile in real life and then when the director was sitting on the bench, he turned into a tyrant" Megan accusations.

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Anonymous said...

oh wowgood luck new actress and good luck megan fox where ever ur going to be .

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