The Hidden Benefit Of Papaya

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Some people did not like papaya because the smell, Papaya also doesn’t have a good shape and color just like grapes, pear or melon so it did not enough to burn the appetite ;-), but something you have to know papaya contains a natural nutrient to prevent cancer attack, papaya also has more benefit to reduce the constipation.

Papaya is the best source for beta-carotene, and vitamin E have each been associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer., just like watermelon Papaya also contains a rich of likopen, according to the research it can fight against a several of cancers such as stomach cancer, endometrium and also prostate cancer. You could read “101 Foods That Could Save Your Live” book by David Grotto, RD for more details

Papaya contains proteolytic enzymes, the chemical that helps the absorption of protein for the body. There was a papain in proteolytic enzyme which can accelerate the healing process of burn wound and help the digestive process.

So there was no any reason anymore to did not eat and consume Papaya, It can be eaten in a slice or can be made as Fresh juice; yesterday I made a fresh smoothie Papaya juice and I pour it with a lil bit of honey, it’s really fresh and yummy. By the way you can browse some papaya juice recipes on the net for more variation.

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