Weight Control with Breakfast | The Breakfast Benefit

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Did not have a breakfast is one of way for diet ?, then you are wrong assumption. Breakfast can actually help you keep your weight and body slimming. Katherine Zeratsky, RD, a nutritionist from the Mayo Clinic, explains why you must have a breakfast if you want to keep an ideal weight.

  • Breakfast will reduce excessive hunger during the day so that your appetite can be suppressed too. Excessive hunger can make us become "crazy" during lunch.
  • Skipping breakfast can increase the body's insulin response so that more stored body fat. When this happens, a long weight will rise.
  • Breakfast will make the body have more energy. A healthy breakfast is the fuel for the body to be stored as glycogen that supplies blood sugar, or to think.
Unfortunately, most people, especially workers, are rarely pursued breakfast for reasons of time. If you are very busy, choose a practical breakfast menu, but nutritious. For example, eggs, cereals, low-fat milk, or fruit juice.

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