5 Amazing Foods for Your Diet

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The main core of diet is to keep the nutrient for body that doesn't increase the body weight, it' s really important to keep the body still get enough nutrients, cause it useless to have a good shape but lack of nutrients for body healthy. There were many amazing food and drinks that give more nutrients and energy, that's really important for a diet program, here they are the amazing food for your diet :

Green Tea
it contains a lot of anti occident that has good benefit for blood circulation

Apple has an anti occident and a lot of vitamin that important for body, read my recent post about the benefit of apple fruit for more details.

Berry Fruits
Berry fruits also has an anti occident for blood circulation. With a good blood circulation, the body will burn fat effectively

Contains a high protein to reduce hunger feel, it works to control your appetite. Soybean also has a benefit to prevent breast cancer

Probiotic in yogurt has a good benefit for digestion and reduce the constipation

wheatgrass has a lot of benefit for healty, it contains an important element that called as Chlorophyll, science has proven that chlorophyll arrest growth and development of unfriendly bacteria and helps to destroy free radical. Wheatgrass juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll, it contents 70 % chlorophyll.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with pro biotic found in yogurt is that in order to see any benefit, a person would have to eat far more than is possible per day.
..yes even those advertised as having extra or as being benefical to digestion.
Most of the benefit a person feels comes from eating a liquid with good fats and replacing a meal or snack that would have contained too much animal protein.

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