5 Wheat grass Fact that you have to know

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Just like I wrote in my recent post about the benefit of wheatgrass juice today I will share 5 Wheat grass Fact that you have to know that I found in Wheat Grass E-book, and here they are :
  • One ounce of Wheat Grass is equivalent to over 2 lbs. of fresh fruits and vegetable? It acts as a natural appetizer suppressant
  • Wheat Grass picks up 92 of the 102 known minerals in the soil and contains all the vitamins that science has isolated?
  • Wheat Grass juice is very high in enzymes and contains up to 70% chlorophyll, an important blood builder?
  • Wheat Grass can help to restore a high energy level in two ways: Fulfilling nutritional deficiencies and removing wastes that clog your cells, blood, tissued and organs?
  • Wheat Grass helps dieters by speeding up blood circulation and metabolic rate and by enhancing digestives powers, thereby melting excess fat in the system?
Although some people did not like the taste but wheat grass is one of the best way to keep in health, It's cheap and easy to take the benefit of wheat grass because We can plant and make a fresh homemade wheat grass juice in our home, you also can browse internet to find the best ways and method to plant wheatgrass in your home. Don't forget to open my recent post to read more details about wheat grass benefit

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