Easy & Yummy Reduce Insomnia

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A good quality sleep was really important, while sleeping we can rest our body and mind from anxiety and tiredness. Everybody has different needs of sleeping but 7-8 hours was good enough for our sleep.

Some people who has a sleep problem usually using a sleep pill to solve their problem, but actually this kind of way was really dangerous for a long term use, because they will addicted with that pills and also could be a serious problem for our health, some of the potential side effect of sleeping pills are dry mouth, dizziness, short term memory loss and possible negative interactions with other drugs.

A natural way that can be used to solve sleep problem is by consuming cherry fruits, cherry fruits contain a high melatonin can reduce stress and anxiety, most common insomnia symptom an sleep problems caused by stress and anxiety at bedtime.

Actually melatonin is naturally produced by pineal gland in our body, pineal gland will produce melatonin that makes us feel sleepy and give a signal to our body to take a rest. The age change brings an effect the decrease in melatonin production, this makes insomnia is suffered by adults.

While insomnia is coming, just consume a handful of cherry before sleep and for a better result don't forget to take a bath with warm water after eating some cherries to make your body feels relax.

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Zoy said...

Thanks for the great article! People have to know there are other options to treat insomnia not only pills. I use home remedies and herbs for almost everything. Sometimes it is really amazing, like just handful of cherries can make you sleep like a log! http://insomniaalmanac.blogspot.com

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