Vinegar and the kind of vinegar

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cider vinegarVinegar that has been known since thousands of years ago appeared to save a number of benefits. In addition to add a savory taste in cooking, vinegar can also be overcome various health disturbances. Traditionally, vinegar can be made through enzymatic processes with the help of bacteria and fermented into alcohol acid acetate. Here are several types of vinegar can be added to the list of ingredients in our kitchen.

Rice Vinegar.
It’s a result from the fermentation of rice. A type of vinegar often used on the east cuisine, such as sushi. The aroma of rice vinegar is quite sharp, so that is also used to remove the fishy smell of food.

Apple vinegar (Cider vinegar)

Apple vinegar is to be the most popular use in the household as many benefits. Besides the flavor and add a natural sour taste in cuisine, this type of vinegar can also be used to preserve food, such as meat, vegetables, and pickle.

Red wine vinegar
As the name suggests, the basic ingredients is red wine. The quality of red wine vinegar is depending on the quality of fruits, vineyard and the length of time needed to make the vinegar. The longer process of making vinegar will be better. Acidity levels tend to be lower than the apple vinegar. Red wine vinegar is perfect used as a salad dressing and savory flavor on meat dishes.

Balsamic vinegar.

It is a kind of vinegar made from the grape. However, that distinguish it from the wine vinegar is a process and materials used. In addition, Balsam vinegar blackish brown, while the reddish-colored on wine vinegar. Usually, balsamic vinegar is used to add taste to the Europe cuisine, especially French cuisine. It's a bit of sour and savory vinegar makes it more as a condiment rather than vinegar.

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