Face masks for skin beauty

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face maskFace masks are known as one of way to make the face looks fresh and brighter. Face mask also serves to reduce the pile of fat and decreasing pore face. Before buying face mask it needs to ensure that the appropriate use of mask is suitable for your face type of skin. Choose the right ones and here is a guide chooses the right mask for your face;

Dry Skin
That needs to be sought; face mask that has a formula with the ability to hold moisture on the skin, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Products with vitamin E and olive oil can keep skin moisture. Typically, a face mask for dry can be used quite often, for example, once a week. Applying across the face, including the area around the eyes and lips, do not forget the neck area.

Skin that looks fine lines
Face with fine lines require face mask that contains retinol, glycolic acid, or peptide. No face masks that can really remove the presence of wrinkles, but it can make the skin more elastic and smooth. However, the glycolic acid may cause skin irritation, use a once every 2 weeks is much better. Avoid the area near the eyes and mouth. Use in other areas on the face, also in areas that often faces the sun, such as the top (back) of hand and neck.

Pustular skin
pustular skin is exposed to skin with irritation or inflammation, the required face masks that do not have inflammatory effects, such as salicylic acid (which helps clean the skin pore), with the actual sulfur and benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria.To reduce the effect of dry, use at least once a week, focus on areas that tend to pustular, such as the T area, avoiding eye and mouth area.

Sensitive Skin
Face Skin often have a higher level of sensitivity, so that tends to redden. Select a face mask that has aloe Vera, chamomile, cucumber, maple, and green tea to reduce the inflammation and red. Sulfur, licorice, and xanthine can help to eliminate capillaries on the face. Start with once a week uses. If there are changes and there is no irritation, it can be improved with the use of two times a week. This type of mask is quite safe to use in the whole face. To remove the mask, simply use a finger, do not use cloth or towel, so that did not experience skin irritation.

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