When you must use credit card or debit card ?

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credit card & debit cardIt looks like so easy to answer that question but often we are disadvantaged because we do not care usage of each. Or at least, can not enjoy the facilities offered to the maximum.

For example, some people use credit cards exclusively to pay expenses, they do this for secure reason. Through some banks, they can collect points or cash back incentives. However, this strategy requires neatness and ingenuity in the use of debt so that it can be paid at the end of the month. If not, you will have more debt.

So you can take advantage of facilities offered as closely as possible and avoid charges that you do not need, you should see when using a debit card and when we should use a credit card.

Use a credit card when:

1. Shop online
Purchase tickets either aircraft or shop at Amazon.com, you will be asked to pay via credit card. This is baseless because the credit cards offer greater protection in case of fraud (embezzlement or fraud).

2. Buy something that expensive
Some credit cards offer additional security protection beyond the manufacturer's products that you buy. In addition, some bank credit card providers often also work with the merchant for the campaign, such as buying fitness equipment with a special price. There is also additional incentives program accumulation or reward that can be exchanged with certain gifts.

3. Proving credit history
You need to prove credit history when you start and stop using credit cards. Do the purchase of goods with a credit card, and pay the bill in full at the end of month, or pay the minimum payment. If the records are good, you will have opportunities to increase your credit card limit or qualify for the Platinum card from another bank.

Using a Debit Card when:

1. Buy something cheap or can be consumed.
Do not use a credit card for spending that is not too much or for goods consumed because you will pay more when you pay late

2. Need a cash
If you suddenly need cash, use your debit card. Usually It doesn't have an extra charge.

And now it's time for you to take the which one that you should use for your payment

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