Unhealthy Lose Weight Methods

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lose weightThere are many ways that can be used to make the body become slim and proportional. But unfortunately most of this method focused on the results not the process used, those who choose the way trapped in unhealthy way that will only harm health.

Here some type of losing weight methods you should avoid

Too Much Reducing Calories
This shortcut is most often chosen by those who want to immediately lose weight. Those who choose this trick are only to make the body starve because the body still needs a calorie to run vital organs.When the lack of calories, the body metabolism will run slower, so that organs can work 24 hours a day, calories are 'stolen' from the muscle and it’s really dangerous for our bones it will caused osteoporosis and hypothermia.

Relying on pills

Lose weight with pills or drugs that can reduce the appetite. The most risk experienced by this way is a problem with heart. That is why Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in a sustainable drag out some pills that promise to decrease body weight quickly. Whether we want to take the risk in?

Following the trends
There are also people who apply the pattern of consumption in accordance with what the trends. If current trends surrounding carbohydrate diet, then he do the same.
Sometimes we forget if the various nutrients needed for optimal body get property from the various sources of food. Find out first whether the body weight reduction program that we will use in accordance with the needs of our bodies? What methods should be anticipated from the diet and how much the body can do

For me the best way to lose weight is back to gym & do some exercise, I also prefer a food combining to make it work. By the way there was a great e-book that use some ancient technique to lose weight, just click here for best result

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