An apple a day will keep the doctor away

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Apple is one of the most popular fruit because everybody knows about apple. There are 7000 verities of apple but it’s only several verities that sold to the market.

Although hey have a different shape, size, color and texture for each another but they really contain similar nutrition namely, potassium and pectin that very useful to restrain stroke, reduce a risk of diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease.

Red Apple

Red apple contains a lot of nutrition and mineral namely, potassium pectin and cellulose. Potassium has a function in order to regulate heartbeat, activating muscle contraction, in order to regulate and distribute nutrition to every cell in our body.

Red apple contains of high potassium it’s about 203/100 gram, red apple is also suitable for people that doing a diet because it contains a kind of dietary fiber which reduce our hunger and give us more energy.

Green apple

In Indonesia green apple known as “apple malang”, it contains a lot of A, B, and C vitamin and also mineral namely iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, chlor, potassium, silicone and natrium. Green apple can be used as cough medicine, kidney stone destroyer, cleaning toxic from our body and also speed up our absorption.

There are many advantages to consume apple, it has a lot of nutrition and mineral that needed by our body so don’t forget to begin your day with an apple because it could be your healthy day.

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